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Wide measuring range, high precision, small size, light weight, easy operation, quick determination of moisture on site. Add to Favorites 1/6. Textile Moisture Meter MS-C 4%-90% Wool Cotton MS310 Portable Textile Moisture Meter can test Textile materials,cheese,garment,wool. $75.00-$85.00 CN Dezhou Haiyifeng Electronic Technology Co., :Leak Saver:Direct Inject UV - Refrigerant Leak Saver Direct Inject Dry A/C Moisture Remover (No Leak Sealant, Moisture Remover Only) - For Systems Up to 5 Tons - Converts Moisture into Synthetic Oil - Created and Used by HVAC Pros - USA Made InterDynamics Certified AC Pro Car Air Conditioner Leak Detector Dye, UV Dye for R12, R22, and R134A Refrigerant Systems, 1 Oz, 376CS

Aerocel® Stay-Seal® with Protape® SSPT - Aeroflex USA

Aerocel Stay-Seal with Protape SSPT pipe insulation has everything you would expect from a closed-cell elastomeric pipe insulation flexibility, moisture resistance, low thermal conductivity, etc. Plus, it has all the added convenience of a pre-slit dual tape closure for faster installation and the entire tube, including overlapping Protape seam closure, is made of EPDM rubber, providing users with superior DAYTON Industrial Portable Dehumidifier, 115V, 7 Amps Protect sensitive electronic equipment or other materials with this dehumidifier. It can be used in any room in your house or office to reduce moisture in the air that causes high humidity, deterioration, and mildew. The unit is easy to use, and the moisture filtration technology offers a better quality of life. RCD TT1-001 Acid Test Carrier HVACTotaltest® tube chemical crystals react with acid or moisture when it is present in the system, changing color for an easy visual check. Its Quick. All it takes is a maximum of ten minutes to test CFC, HCFC, or HFC systems for acid or moisture. Itll help you figure out why the system failed and isolate a future problem before it happens.

RCD TT2-001 Acid Test Carrier HVAC

Totaline® - TT2-001 Totaltest® Blue Test Tubes (5 Pack) Totaltest® tube chemical crystals react with acid or moisture when it is present in the system, changing color for an easy visual check. Blue Test Tube:Acid Test & Moisture Test for select CFC and HCFC refrigerants:R-11, R-12, R-500, R-502, R-22 RT700K - Refrigeration Technologies RT700K - Checkmate Description The Checkmate method is the industrys only valid field test for measuring Acid and Moisture levels in both the compressor oil and in any refrigerant gas. Since its introduction in 1995, Checkmate is now used by refrigerant packagers, reclaiming companies and RT752C - Refrigeration Technologies RT752C - Oil Detector Refrigeration Technologies RT752C - Oil Detector Tubes - Using the Checkmate device, a drop of oil can be milked off the suction side of a system. The Oil will be seen wetting through the Detector Tubes Transfer Agent. As the Oil passes through the Transfer Agent a dye fraction will release and stain the Indicator Segment.

Testo Refrigeration Smart Probe Set - 2nd Gen

Testo Refrigeration Smart Probe Set - 2nd Gen NEW! Bluetooth range of up to 350 feet Works with MeasureQuick. The testo AC/R Smart Probe Set is a combination of four instruments to measure high-side and low-side pressures and temperatures of A/C and refrigeration systems. Thermal Thermistor Vacuum Gauge 4501 - HVAC and Energy Vacuum measurement and monitoring is one place an analog meter has advantages over digital. With an analog gauge it is very easy to see the characteristics of the system regarding moisture and atmosphere to determine the level of dehydration and degassing that is being achieved. Also a system that leaks under a vacuum is easily identifiable and additionally the presence of a tight system with or without moisture. testo 510 set - differential pressure measuring instrument With the testo 510, performing system tests has never been easier using our single, easy to use, rugged, compact digital manometer. Its small form factor, bright backlit display, and magnetic backing will enable the 510 to be used in a wide variety of applications.

RT752C Refrigeration Technologies Check Mate Oil Analysis

The Checkmate method is the Industries only valid field test for measuring Acid and Moisture levels in both the Compressor Oil and any Refrigerant Gas. Quick! Easy to Use. Simply insert a Detector Tube into the Checkmate body and connect the device up to