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Initial Fatigue Life Estimation of Welded Structural

Abstract:Numerical modelling of welding process of two cylindrical tubes subjected to cyclic loads of constant amplitude is presented. For that purpose the Finite Element Method (FEM) was used for determination of thermo-mechanical behaviour and evaluation of welded joint residual stresses. In this investigation an efficient computation Investigation on narrow-gap welding residual stresses in Jan 26, 2018 · Experiment and numerical simulation are the important methods to investigate the welding stress and its related phenomena. Experiments are essential because they provide the directly data about the welding residual stress and also provide sufficient information to

Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of

Mar 01, 2010 · Two FE CHS tube models with different failure modes are developed in order to clarify the effects that the residual stresses have on the flexural behavior. Simulated results show that welding residual stresses can have significant effects on the initial stiffness and the ultimate strength of the CHS flexural members depending on the loading Numerical investigation of plastic flow and residual Numerical investigation of plastic flow and residual stresses generated in hydroformed tubes A Ktari1,2, A Abdelkefi3, N Guermazi1, P Malecot4 and N Boudeau4 Abstract During tube hydroforming process, the friction conditions between the tube and the die have a great importance on the material plastic flow and the distribution of residual stresses of the final component. Residual Stresses - Prediction and Measurement - TWI

  • Prediction of Residual StressesOur Work with Residual StressesMeasurement of Residual StressesFinite element simulationsare often applied to the prediction of residual stresses in structural components. The calculation of residual stresses involves complex non-linear analyses where several assumptions and approximations are required. The accuracy and resulting predictions, therefore, depend on the analyst's level of expertise. However, the measurement of weld residual stresses also carries a great range of uncertainties. Moreover, it can be very expensive to understand the full distribution of reRecent Developments in Experimental and Numerical The temperature distribution, welding induced distortion and residual stresses in thin walled welded structures, originating from different experimental tests are reviewed and discussed. Different mathematical models and their numerical applications in representing the heat source are analysed and their advantages and drawbacks are discussed.

    Numerical analysis of residual stress distribution in

    Aug 01, 1998 · Residual stresses and strains in a tube with spiral weld cladding were analyzed by the finite element (FE) method. The objective of this work was to determine the residual stress-strain state in the weld clad tube and verify the developed FE model,